I cry my rain

It is cooling my blood

Wet as I am

And powerless

I am too little

To walk the day

I cannot run

So I flew.


Some things I know

Before you say

It’s just a feeling inside

That gives it away

Some things I feel

I am aware of the presence

Some spirits come forth

I know their existence

Some things I hear

And no words are spoken

A message so sweet

Keeping my heart unbroken

Some things I see

Out of the corner of my eye

They’re not really there

They’ve long said goodbye

So when you think that you know

But you think that you couldn’t

The truth is you do

Because otherwise you wouldn’t.

When You Look Her In The Eye

When You Look Her In The Eye

When her wind blows harder

Than her heart beats

Thunder cries out in fury

And lightning strikes whoever speaks

The emotions just take over

Her body crashes to the ground

The clouds take out the sun

And the hail starts shooting down

There is one thing

And she needs to know

When the storm starts unfolding

Will you stay or will you go

When the twister touches ground

And chaos spreads through the whole town

Screams of fear are the only sound

Will you be brave enough to stick around

Will you run and seek shelter

Or will you stay and hold her hand

Will you hide from her fury

Or will you be right there where she stands

Can you understand that this is her

And the weather changes often

If she goes from sun to storm

Will you still love her then

Even when the wind is blowing softly

Singing a sweet lullaby

You can always see her storm brewing

When you look her in the eye.


Heal this breaking heart

Mend the seems that split

Return the warmth that once resided

Breathe air upon the fire barely lit

Empower this mind once more

Give unto it the sight it seeks

Lead this voice with confidence

And fill the words it speaks

There is faith left in this shell

It is holding on to it’s own ties

A battle has been fought here

The enemy was armed with lies

But the truth is on our side

And the truth shall always prevail

So this hope that lingers in me

Promises I will not fail

As hollow as my smile may seem

The emotions streaming from these eyes could pierce

This war has destroyed much

But what remains is alive and fierce

The softer side of me has left

It seemed to be an easy sacrifice at first

It was swallowed whole

And it quenched this angers thirst

So as I battle on within me

Forewarn the gentle and the meek

Do not turn to me for answers

If it’s sweetness that you seek

Tell them not to come too close

The sensitive ones dare not come near

I beg them not to ask for my opinion

I doubt they’ll care for what they hear

I promise there is still goodness

It still resides within me

Kindness and understanding

Have learned to exist quietly

And there’s more I know

I’ve felt the talent and skill

The only thing I can’t seem to find

Is the ever needed will

If I shed the bitterness

The anger will soon follow

Eventually the sadness too would melt away

But who would be left without the sorrow

I don’t know me without my curse

I’ve learned to live it as a gift

I’ve sought comfort and peace

In this unbalanced harmonious rift

To cry and shout for near a decade

To feel displaced for these ten years

Then to seek a new path of happiness

It welcomes some unusual fears

If I were not afraid of what’s to come

I’d never have to reach inside

To find the courage I was given

When faith and I came to collide.

The Very Thing

Give me six months or so

And I’ll be on my way

I’ve got somewhere else to go

And I may decide to go today

I am tied to nothing

And connected to few

I keep coming and going

Nothing I can do

You could ask me to stay

But I doubt it would stop me

Try to stand in my way

Guess what my reaction would be

I would turn on a dime

And start running really fast

I do it all the time

There are many you could ask

I don’t know why I do it

I really have no clue

I started and now I can’t stop it

I wouldn’t even stop for you

Sometimes I try and lie

Claim to want an anchoring man

But to truly stay for a guy

Well I’m just not sure I can

He would have to hold me tight

And be prepared to run

It would have to be Mr. Right

And not something I was doing for fun

There’s no one I know now

No man at this time

And at his point I don’t see how

I would ever change my mind

And the truth is this

That fact makes me sad

To be truly loved and missed

That’s something I’ve never had

So I’ll be on my way again

Searching for that open door

‘Cause the very thing you think I’m running from

Is the very thing I’m looking for.



I watch through the window

I watch your whole life

Each day that passes

And turns into night

I watch as you read

Or talk on the phone

I watch as you eat

At home all alone

I see when you laugh

Although not that often

I see when you cry

Mourning a life long forgotten

I know when you sleep

Because then you’re at peace

The worlds crazy mess

Disappears for a few hours at least

I remember the flowers

The ones on your windowsill

I saw them when they were fresh

But even dried out they are pretty still

And I love your curtains

The ones you try to shut

No matter how hard you try

You can’t shut life out

The sun still shines through

And I watch as you smile

All is right with the world

Even if it only lasts for a while.

I Love You

I Love You

She called him yesterday

Just to say “hello”

He was standing right there

When the machine picked up

Something stopped him from answering the phone

All night long he stayed awake

Waiting for the phone to ring

Maybe she would call again

If she did what would he say

He couldn’t think of anything

Maybe “I’m sorry”

Should he tell the truth

“I should have said – I love you”

Too little too late

Those words crossed his mind

How could he expect for her to wait

She already waited for such a long time

She was sitting up straight in her bed

She thought she heard someone calling

But it was all in her head

She thought for a moment

Then reached for the phone

At three o’clock in the morning

She knew he’d be at home

When he answered the phone

He didn’t say a word

No hello, no who’s this, not a tone

She wasn’t sure he was listening

Although she heard someone breathing

She didn’t know what to say

Wasn’t sure what to do

When out of nowhere she heard it

“I love you.”


No More

Mercury’s in retrograde

The needle on my compass still points south

The thoughts in my head

Aren’t the words in my mouth

Everything is out-of-place

But I don’t remember where it once belonged

You are doing what you think is right

And still I feel sincerely wronged

The universe in motion

But still the stars are not aligned

I need to focus on what is standing still

Not floating aimlessly and undefined

The sun is surely calling

And I can feel the ocean tide

I can’t take your coming and going

When will be that final moment you decide

This heart is restless and out of use

Turned away time and again

My mind is exhausted

I’m going to bury my head in the sand

And the sea will wash away old scars

Though salt water will sting me still

I won’t want to think of you

But something tells me that I will

The beach may heal but it won’t hide

The feelings I have stuffed away

Stay disappeared for my vacation

But will resurface on some rainy day

And as the wall of water crashes down

My heart will shatter on the floor

My knees will hit the ground in prayer

May this soul love you no more.

A Flame That Flickers On


There seem to be words

That want to be written

Somewhere deep in my conscience

Is where they are hidden

There may be feelings

That long to be shown

Buried deep in my heart

They remain unknown

I could sing you songs

Of sweet melodies

But each note is tied

To sweet memories

I could tell of a life

But you’d never believe

I could mention people

That never wanted to leave

You could learn of my past

Learn of my heartache

See what dreams I dream

Even when I’m awake

Feel the ghost of my father

And the touch of my angels

Hear the words of my mother

And secrets no one tells

Listen to me just once

And hear exactly what I say

Look me directly in the eye

And see me in a different way

There are words that need to be spoken

That neither one of us will speak

We won’t show our feelings

Out of fear we might look weak

There are feelings that are felt

And a flame that flickers on

We can’t put it out

It won’t ever be gone.


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