NEW RELEASE **It’s Kinda My Thing**


I feel like I’ve been sitting on this one for AGES!!! Well, that’s what you get when you plan and make time for pre-orders, lol. And while it was a fun experiment, I may not be cut out for this more organized and (probably more efficient) process. I just don’t have the patience for it 😉

So…without pushing myself to hold out any longer….HERE IT IS!!



Once upon a time, Rumor Davis was a sweet girl. You know the kind, sugar and spice and everything nice? That was Rumor. Until the day she met Brody Holmes….

One unhappily ever after later, and Rumor is living in Sin City with a music career at death’s door and all that was sweet and nice thrown out the window. Rumor spends her days delivering singing telegrams and spends her nights enjoying all the party city has to offer, usually in the company of her roommate and best friend, Shaun Penny.

Once upon a time Brody Holmes was a bad, bad boy, collecting the hearts of girls left and right. When he encountered the rarest edition of all, she slipped straight through his fingers.

One near happily ever after later, Brody is standing at the altar with his bride, about to cash out his collection of hearts in exchange for just one, when a familiar voice begins to sing from somewhere in the crowd….

And…it should go without saying at this point…but for the newbies –



I was standing in my closet trying to determine the best thing to wear into battle when I heard a tap on the door and the creak of it opening. A few seconds later, Shaun was leaning against the door frame of my massive walk-in closet, smirking.
“What are you doing?”
I held up two dresses, one in each hand. “What does it look like I’m doing?”
He chuckled. “It looks like you’re about to fuck somebody up. Should I feel bad for him?”
“No. He has it coming, so just stay out of my way.” I threw both dresses into the pile on the floor and went back to searching the racks that lined the walls.
Shaun watched me for a moment. Then, he nodded toward the back corner. “The fuchsia one.”
“The mini kaftan? Really? It’s like an oversized t-shirt.” I pulled it out and eyed it skeptically.
“Trust me. Pair it with a set of your crazy heels and as short as that thing is, he’ll spend all night thinking he caught a glimpse of something he shouldn’t have. It’ll drive him insane.” He winked. “Plus your legs will look killer.” Then he turned to leave again.
“What about my hair? Up or down?” I called after him.
“Down. Straight. And don’t go crazy with the make-up. You don’t need it.” Then my door opened and closed again and he was gone.
“Alright, pink kaftan it is then.” I nodded to myself, confirming what had already been established. “Well, at least I’ll be comfortable.”


“This is a definite best-seller in the making.”

“It was sweet, funny, steamy, full of twists and turns, and took me on one crazy ride with an ending I totally did not see coming.”

“Starting the book with the singing telegram, and that it was her ex, was priceless.”

“Why does K.S. Thomas keep writing me more book boyfriends?”

But don’t take their word for it….find out for yourself 😉






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