Five things only authors get excited about…

1. Writing the title and author name on the first page of a new project.

What is more exciting than that? Number two…

2. Writing ‘the end.’ on the last page of your most recent project. 

It’s a temporary high, so bask in it for as long as you can, because next you’ll be editing…and no one get’s excited about that.

3. Covers. Oh yeah!! We loooove book covers.

Even when we’re nowhere near finishing a manuscript…we’re looking at book covers. When we find the perfect one, or land the perfect artist…now that’s something to jump up and down about.

4. Re-reading something you wrote and were certain was total shit only to discover it’s actually brilliant.

I’m happy to say, that years of training myself to write daily have helped in overcoming what I will loosely call ‘writer’s block’ (I have issues with the term, mostly because I have issues with the concept, but I’ll save that for another post). Point is, there are those nights when inspiration seems to be lacking and yet you just plow through anyway in hopes of making it through to the other side where you will eventually find ‘the end.’ You do this, knowing full-well that a great deal of what you type out will need re-writing and deleting. Then, when the time comes and you re-read that first draft – ‘Holy shit. When did I write this? This is AMAZING.’ Yeah, that moment. Total awesomeness.

5. Discovering an opportunity for a last minute plot twist.

Those rock. I’m going to throw one at you right now.

6. Hitting publish. 

It’s terrifying. Nerve-wracking. And ‘you may want to puke your guts out’ agonizing. It’s also the most exciting ‘writer’ thing you’ll ever get to do. So do it often!


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