**What’s New**

Well, it does seem like it’s been a long-ass time since I’ve posted anything on here on my own behalf, so I suppose I’m do for an update of sorts. Things have been crazy busy this summer. Ever since I wrote Brady I’ve been on a massive writing kick, resulting in two more releases (Save The Date and Lost Avalon…in case anyone was wondering). Apparently, for now, contemporary romance is my BFF because I can’t seem to part with the genre anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a little adventure and suspense left in me….it’s just simmering quietly for the time being. Possibly getting stronger. Preparing to make a reappearance sometime in 2015…time will tell.

But in the meantime I’m keeping pretty busy with all this love business. Unhurt is coming up next, and then I’ve got two more in the works – my current #RomanceInAMonth Project It’s Kinda My Thing, as well as book number two in the Finding Nolan Series. This one will be titled Secret Hudson and will be centered around lovable Royce, the bass player. So expect to see three new releases popping up over the next two (possibly three) months.

With all this writing going on, needless to say, something had to give. It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been around this blog for a while that I was happy to cut marketing from my to-do list to make more room for writing and the other aspects of preparing the actual book. However, this means I am no longer doing cover reveals or  much in the way of new release posts, and blog tours will only happen at random and are not guaranteed, leaving Facebook as the only place I’m really keeping current with teasers and announcements…but we all know how reliable Facebook is. So, if you don’t want to miss any books as they come out, the easy-peasy way to be in the know is to just sign up for the announcement email. It’s quick and painless and completely 100 percent spam free. The only time you’ll hear a peep out of me is if I hit ‘publish’.

In other news, I stuck around for Amazon’s little Unlimited experiment and have no complaints. However, I do feel it is time to attempt playing with Barnes and Noble again, as well as some of the other guys out there. So, if you’re a nook owner or apple person, be on the look out, because I’ll be publishing my books through other online retailers as they cycle out of this last stint with KDP Select.

Oh…and for fun, I’ve started playing around more on Pinterest. It could easily be classified as a complete waste of time and a perfect way for me to procrastinate when I should be writing, however I prefer to think of it as an excellent inspirational tool for me and a fun way for readers to get an inside look at the story behind the story. So, that’s the story I’m going with. Plus, I like that I get to cast my books like they might be movies someday 😉

Well, that’s my life in a nutshell. My writing life anyway. In personal news, I’ve adopted a second dog – Hattie…or as I like to call her ‘Roo’ (if you ever saw her running – hopping – along, you’d get it.) Magic E is rocking at homeschooling (even when I’m not). And….I have big plans to move to the beach! WHOOP WHOOP! Mama’s dreams are coming true ❤


2 thoughts on “**What’s New**

  1. Exciting news all around, I am not great at Pinterest but many seem to find it useful. I can so see you at the Beach and Contemporary Romance the BFF… are we possibly in love? Best wishes for the greatest success, update on your Barnes and Noble expansion expected!

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