From The Wickedville Chronicles:


Hazel Spellinwitch

And The Day She Saved Wickedville

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It was a normal sunny day in Wickedville when suddenly the sun disappeared, the animals began to cry and things started to turn black. Hazel Spellinwitch and the rest of Wickedville didn’t know what was happening. Then, Hazel saw her. It was Sara Unsmiley, a very unhappy witch, taking all the happiness away.

Will Hazel and her friends be able to stop her before they are completely surrounded by darkness?

Sneak Peek




About The Author




Prudence has a mind that wanders aimlessly every second of everyday and when it settles she calls herself a writer.
She is a daydreamer and a wisher. She is a devotee of The Beatles, her heart grows for animals and she is a fan of anything unique. She’s an aunt to many who lives in Washington Crossing, Pa at the moment, but who knows where you will find her this time next year.

This is her first of many children’s books. To keep posted on new releases you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and Website.


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