Halfway There…

Since I’ve managed to inch my way across the 50% done marker on my word count tracker, I thought it was time I shared a little of my work in progress….Plus, it was either that or no blog post since my writing focus is directed at one thing and one thing only right now…and that’s  SALTY.

Let me know what you think in the comments below 😉



Pierce took his stance in front of his desk along the back wall.

“I don’t have to tell you how serious this is. I’m sure Finn has explained to you that the Kakumei is still after you and that you and your daughter are at risk as long as you stay here.”

“Yes he has. He also said that they would still be after Amaui. Where are you sending her?” Salty shot back defiantly and Finn had to suppress a grin.

“We’re not sending her anywhere. She’s a police officer. She understands the risks.”

“And I don’t? You forget who raised me, Lieutenant Pierce. I may not be a cop, but I’m just as familiar with the concept of a criminal. Most of our family albums consist of mug shots.”

Salty glared back at both of the men, daring each of them to contradict her. Only one of them made that mistake.

“You’re not qualified to take on the Kakumei, Salty.” Pierce had raised his voice, adding insult to injury.

“And you’re not qualified to tell me what I can and can’t do! Unless you plan on arresting me, I’m pretty sure I’m free to go!” she shouted back. She turned on a dime and prepared to storm from the room when Finn stepped into her path blocking the door.


“Why?” she hardly believed he had anything worthwhile to offer at this point other than more stupid excuses meant to back up his partner, Pierce.

“I think I have a solution.”

Salty folded her arms stubbornly.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“I’d like to know that, too,” Pierce said, taking a seat on the edge of his desk and looking to Finn with curious anticipation.

“I think we all knew getting Salty to leave the islands and head for the mainland was a long shot.” He turned to look directly at Salty when he continued, “And, I think you know that there’s no way we’re just going to let you sail out of here and hang out on your boat in the middle of the ocean like a sitting duck during hunting season.”

“But –”

“Stop. Whatever argument you’re about to make, don’t. I saw the Salty Kisses after the attack, I met Mao…and I watched you hurl yourself into the ocean, bound and beaten. I know what you’re capable of, but that doesn’t mean that it’s smart for you to be out there on your own. Chick came to us for help. He trusted us. Now you need to do the same thing.”

Salty took a sharp breath in planning to counter him, but when her mouth opened, nothing came out.

“Really? Speechless? Wow,” Finn said, slightly amused. Then he turned toward Pierce.

“She’ll stay with me.”

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