I’ve Been Writing…

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything on here, hasn’t it?! My apologies. I don’t suppose saying that I’ve been busy writing elsewhere will provide a sufficient excuse at this point…but it’s all I’ve got. I’ve been writing.

What have I been writing? I’m glad you asked!

Back while I was writing DRIVE I had this idea creep in on me about a modern day pirate princess. I was super excited by the idea…much like another idea I had about a woman who works with an underground rescue group helping women and children escape domestic abuse, but I digress because SALTY won out… for now…Téa’s story will follow shortly. So, I’ve taken on the fun and exciting task of writing about pirate life…which has been interesting to say the least since I know squat about boats, but I’m learning (thank you Google!!)

And because I like to do dual duty when writing, I’m also working on a little something called DINER GUY. If you’ve followed along with my blog for a while, you may have heard me refer to this story on other occasions, although, likely under a different title…DINER GUY has gone through a few.  Anyway, DINER GUY was originally written five years ago and is actually quite significant to me because it was the first writing project I ever completed! In the twenty something years of writing that came before, I had started hundreds of story ideas and never completed a one. (Okay, that’s not true…I remember one I wrote as a kid about a pony named Clementine, but somehow I don’t count that one…) Let’s just say that I spent years – YEARS! – attempting to do something I wasn’t able to do until I wrote DINER GUY. The really cool thing was, I knew when I started it that it would be the ONE – the story I finally completed.

So, you may be wondering why after five years and several novels, DINER GUY still hasn’t seen the light of day. Well, because it’s crap. The idea is good, and there are plenty of usable pieces, but overall it has a definite hallmark movie vibe going on with some super cheesy dialogue and some generic plot twists to go with it. For a long while I just sort of forgot about it. I mean, it did what I needed it to. It showed me the light, opened the floodgates, taught me to write full length manuscripts. The fact that it was completely unusable really didn’t matter…and somehow I lacked the desire to do anything about that. I kept thinking I ought to, but then I’d sit down to write, get annoyed with the crappiness of it all and move on to newer and more exciting projects. Until now. Now I think I finally figured out what the overall problem was and I have a pretty good idea how to fix it, which in turn is making me excited at the thought of finally being able to share it.

Initially I had set out to have both projects finished and ready for editing before the end of the year, however, I hit a slump and wasn’t able to write more than a paragraph at a time for while…a particularly frustrating feeling when you’re aching to write and somehow just can’t. Anyway, suffice it to say an end of the year deadline is out of the question at this point. Nevertheless, I’m plowing along at full speed now in hopes of  regaining some of my initial momentum and finishing early on in the new year…so I can jump head first into the next adventure 🙂

Interested in getting a first peek at DINER GUY? Click here!


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