The Fantastic Blog Hop PARTY

A while back I joined several other awesome authors to participate in the Fantastic Blog Hop. Naturally, we had so much fun the last time, we’ve decided to get together again, only this time we’re throwing a PARTY and everyone’s invited 🙂 It’s a BYOB type of event, dress is optional and everyone gets to play DJ. Just some of the perks of throwing a wild bash via Facebook. Of course it wouldn’t be a party if we didn’t play games, so here’s a little ‘Me’ Trivia that could help get you in the running for some fun prizes!

Here goes ~

Well, aside from being an author, I am also a mom to a beautiful 5 year old little girl. I tell everyone I named her after my great-grandmother, but really, I named her after my favorite princess, just so happens I got lucky and they had the same name… If I wasn’t a writer I would work on a horse ranch, I’m an animal lover (dogs and horses are at the top of my list), I wear flip-flops pretty much everywhere I go, I would rather stay awake until 5 am than get up at 5 am, if I can, I’m going to the beach AND I will always be nice to people who bring me chocolate…or coffee…if you bring me both, I’ll probably love you forever.

A little known detail about my books is that I often incorporate many characters from my own life into them. The Final Descendants probably has the greatest ‘real- life’ cast of them all. It started small…I added my horse (okay, that doesn’t sound so small)…anyway, my mare became a Unicorn. Then, I added my mother’s dog, who became a wolf. I had already blended my own two dogs together to create Ava, Bryze’s furry best friend, so, a wolf seemed like a natural choice. My five year old caught on to what I was doing and decided she needed to be in the story as well. And she didn’t want to be just anybody, no, she wanted to be a fairy and she wanted to save the day. It took some creative thinking on my part… but I made it happen 😉

Some other examples are ~

Drive: I wrote in my neighbors, as well as an old friend I haven’t spoken to in years. Don’t ask me how he made it onto paper…the scene just called for him I guess.

Lucky In Love: I don’t want to name names, but suffice it to say there are several characters that were plucked straight from my own past.

Getting Lucky: I included a friend as per his request 🙂 Along with all the original characters from Lucky In Love, but we already covered those…

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with these 5 random facts you probably never needed or wanted to know …Unless  of course you’re attending the FANTASTIC BLOG HOP EVENT and are trying to win a free ebook 🙂

1.  Grease is one of my all-time favorite  movies.
2.  I used be a pet photographer.
3.  My favorite color is green.
4.  I am fluent in German.
5. I have two addictions…one is sugar, the other is music.

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