Calling All Beta Readers ~

So, I’m probably jumping the gun on this, but I’ve never been known to be particularly patient so this should come as no surprise to..well, anyone really. I am still a few weeks out from  completing my current projects, but since I’m doing double duty I’m going to be desperate for double the help when the time comes…and I’m thinking there’s no time like the present to start putting the word out there.

Here’s the lowdown :

GETTING LUCKY is a contemporary romance/chick lit novel. It’s also the sequel to LUCKY IN LOVE, which I will happily provide to anyone who hasn’t read it since it would be hard to judge the content of book two without having read book one…

DRIVE is a romantic suspense with a touch of thriller…I’m hoping anyway, not usually my genre, so, really who’s to say what category it will fit into by the time I’m done. This is a stand alone book and if anyone is as impatient as I am and doesn’t mind reading a first draft that has undergone ZERO editing, you can read it as I write it at DriveLikeJordan and I will happily take any and all suggestions into consideration as they come in!

All Beta Readers will receive eBooks in pdf format and should be able to get back to me with feedback regarding story line and overall content (if you want to be super awesome you can also let me know about any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes you stumble upon) within a reasonable time…say two weeks maybe?? Also, it’s not much but it’s all I’ve got ~ Beta Readers will be listed in the acknowledgements under HUGELY APPRECIATED AND GREATLY ADORED…okay, it won’t really say that, but I will give each and everyone a shout out expressing my undying gratitude 😉

Anywho, if you like to read and want to give it a go ~ hit me up!

Next on my list…finding book reviewers…but I’ll try to wait until the books are actually finished before I tackle that one…


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