The Fantastic Blog Hop ~ S. A. Hussey

The tour is starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean we’re running out of steam just yet!  Today’s turn in the Hot Seat: S.A. Hussey



Where do your ideas come from?

Everywhere. From thin air. They just pop. I see or hear something and I go hmmmm that sounds like a great story right there.

What kind of surroundings do you need while writing?

Doesn’t matter if the words are flowing. If muse baby is with me I can write anywhere.

What is the easiest aspect of writing?

Creating. The Hardest? Editing

Do you have any favorite characters?

As much as I hate him, I loved Vaz – he was amusing. Sulien (Remembrance) I love him (sigh) but in my current WIP, James Roberts is quite the contender.

What character from any of your books would you invite out to dinner?

Owen from Remembrance Why? Because there is so much more to him. He’s hiding his past life from everyone and I think everyone needs to know more including me. Hence dinner.

What are your hopes and dreams for your future in the writing world?

I’d like to land an agent and get traditionally published. At this point I’d accept getting Remembrance re-edited so I can self publish. I’m always going to write whether its stories, poems, short stories – I enjoy it. To have people read my works and love them as much as I enjoyed creating well that would be good too.

How do you define success as an author?

I guess being published and having someone I don’t know say they enjoyed my story. It’s not about a paycheck. It’s about the story and knowing others “got it”.

Favorite writing quote?

It changes and I add more to my cork board every day. The one I have on my computer is, “Bring the fire. Make it burn.”

What are you working on now?

Two things. Re-editing Remembrance for self publishing and a new WIP, called ALL ACCESS. Having fun with one and not liking the other (I hate editing).



S. A. Hussey is a freelance writer, author, and published poet.  She writes for Bluebird Reviews and Rock-it-Write both web-based music review sites and has had two poems published in anthology books.  She takes part in on-line critique and writers groups.  Her latest project is preparing her first novel, REMEMBRANCE, for self publication in January 2014.  She continues to write and is working on another story entitled, ALL ACCESS.


“Everybody has a past but not everyone has it return to torment them 600-years later bringing with it an enemy who plans to eliminate their future.”

Now Let’s Get Personal:

I live in a small coastal community just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and very close to the witch city of Salem.  I have two amazingly beautiful daughters, and a 20-year-old Maine coon cat named Gidget who we believe gives rides to fairies in exchange for her long and leisurely life lounging on the back of my sofa.  I am a full-time manager at a local hospital and when I’m not there I’m writing, reading or listening to music.  I enjoy a good concert, and write reviews for my music website, Rock-it-Write, as well as do freelance reviews for an amazing fan-based music website, Blue Bird Reviews.   I enjoy most genres of music but the blues and classic rock are favorites.  Led Zeppelin stole my heart and makes my soul come alive.

Reading is another passion.  I love escaping into new worlds every day.  My favorite is, The Songmaster, by Orson Scott Card. There’s something in the way the worlds were weaved and how the characters were brought to life.  When I first read it my 11 year-old mind was enthralled. I wanted to do that – I wanted to create and write, and I did for many years through poems and short stories, stopping only to raise my girls.  Now I’m back, creating worlds and characters of my own and having a blast while doing it.

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