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1. Where do your ideas come from?

My nightmares. I am a pro at lucid dreaming and often step out of my nightmares, tell myself it’s just a dream and I watch it play out in front of me like a movie. My sleeping brain is far more creative and gruesome than my waking brain. I used to tell people my dreams and they’d often tell me to write them down. Now I do. I’m amazed at the dialogue my brain comes up with in my sleep, sometimes it’s witty and very creative. Some of my best short stories came from nightmares, and “The Caged Girl”, my forthcoming novel, was also based on a dream about a dystopian world that included cannibalism and a bleak existence with two characters who just so happen to be the main characters of my book.

2.What kind of surroundings do you need while writing?

I like writing in a dark cave, with the wolves howling around me as the ran pounds down on the forest floor… Sorry, my brain is getting antsy. I write in my living room with my Great Dane asleep on the couch across from me. Pretty boring overall, but it gets the job done.

3.What is the easiest aspect of writing? The Hardest?

The easiest aspect for me is the ideas. My brain is full of ideas and I just need the time to write them all down. The hardest has to be making that inner critic shut up. I am a perfectionist and have very high standards.

4.What is your favorite line from one of your books?

I already answered with one line in another interview, so here’s another.

“Sorry mom, but he was demanding a…. Sackofrice?… Or maybe he said sacrifice?”

5.Do you have any favorite characters?

Of course, I do. I have many favorites. I have bad guys I love because they’re just so bad. I have good ones who fight for the right things. I write strong women, good and evil. I love them all in one way or another.

6.What character from any of your books would you invite out to dinner? Why?

Sylvia, the bounty hunter who seeks revenge for the death of someone she loves very much. Her and I have the same passions in life… even if I wouldn’t kill, I totally love what she stands for.

7.What are your hopes and dreams for your future in the writing world?

I’d simply like a bunch of people to buy my book and read it. I don’t care how much money I make with it yet, it’s my first published book. I just want people to like it. I hope to one day build a career that can pay some of my bills from my books.

8.How do you define success as an author?

If people enjoy my writing, then I consider myself successful.

9.Favorite writing quote?

I have many, but this one came to mind first…

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” Anais Nin

10.What are you working on now?

I’m finishing up editing and formatting for “Femmes du Chaos”, a book of short stories featuring strong female characters in chaotic situations. Some of the women are good, some not so much.

I’m also compiling two anthologies for my publishing company, Fey Publishing along with putting out a few other books.

I have a novel “The Caged Girl” and a novella “The Devil is in the Details” that are going to be edited and released soon. And I’m also writing a yet to be named novel that I like to describe as a utopian Prince and the Pauper with lesbians.

Femmes Du Chaos Coming August 2013


They messed with the wrong girl this time.

From heroes to villains, Femmes du Chaos sets out to show the world what the fairer sex is really made of. You’ll meet women of all ages and from many different walks of life… Warriors and schoolgirls, side-by-side in one place. One thing connects them all, and that is their ambition. Whether they use their ambition for good or evil, well that’s for them to decide. Gritty, fantastical and sometimes uncomfortable to read, Femmes du Chaos is a tour de force that holds nothing back. There will be violence and there will be blood. Some will survive and come out stronger in the end… And some will let the darkness consume them. After all, no two girls are ever alike. Here are a few of the femmes you’ll meet in this thrilling collection:

Sylvia: The bounty hunter with a dark past who is hellbent on revenge. When the justice system fails her, she sets out to correct their mistakes.

Layla: The ballerina who wants to be a star who’s spent her life being overshadowed and under-appreciated. What happens when she stumbles across magic that makes her sister the star she’s longed to be for so long? Let’s just say, you’ve never seen sibling rivalry like this before.

Daphne and Delia: Identical twins who share a painful secret. Confined to a lab and tortured in the name of science for most of their lives, they managed to escape once. But when their past catches up them, can they escape from it again? There may only be one way out and these are girls who are willing to do anything to stop their torment. And I do mean anything.

Mikayla: When a curse falls upon their town and the children end up dying left and right, it appears that Mikayla is next. Except, there’s one thing that no one, not even her family saw coming… Mikayla is too smart for her own good and knows how to make a deal with the devil.

Liz: A servant girl forced to work for the upper class people living in a dystopian future. All she wants is an education and the chance to better herself. In a world where she’s not allowed to read a book without fear of death, she breaks all the rules. Until she comes face to face with the punishment awaiting those who disobey, that is…

Mallory: A young girl who can see the future in her dreams. She’s saved lives in the past, and her dreams are warning her to not return to the world they all left behind. Faced with starvation, no one wants to believe her about the multitude of horrors that wait for them above. After all, monsters don’t exist… Or do they?

Melody: A girl who knows nothing but religious fanaticism. Her father and her sisters are the only people she’s ever known. But what happens to the “mothers”, those who are chosen to sacrifice for the greater good of the family? Melody needs to find out and stop it, or else she may just be the next to go.


A Fate Worse Than Death Lisette was pulled to the edge of the pool first. Gag firmly placed in her mouth, her eyes were wide with fear as tears fell in thick droplets onto her favorite dress, the pink one with white lace at the collar.

Lisette struggled as the guard effortlessly shackled her feet to the large weight. Kicking and squirming, she fought for her life, but her slight frame was no match for the strength of the guards. The mechanism was as cruel as it was simple in design. Lisette’s feet were chained to the weights on a platform that would drop out from under her, dragging her down into the murky depths of the pool below. Chains were attached to both sides of the weight, and on a whim, the executioner could shorten or prolong a prisoner’s life for the pleasure of the crowd by simply raising or lowering the weight. “Two minutes. I give her two minutes unless old Ira decides to have some fun with her,” The guards wagered amongst themselves as the one beside Meredith winked in her direction.

Bonnie and Clyde The dream was always the same. A single yelp of pain that forever echoed in Sylvia’s ears. A streak of crimson where Bonnie had tried crawling for help; help that didn’t arrive soon enough. Even in the dream, it never did. Bonnie was dead. Murdered. Sylvia woke up drenched in sweat, just as she had that hot July morning when she’d heard the awful cry followed by peals of drunken laughter. She’d tried to chase the bastards down, but the cops had gotten to them first. They were lucky. Two years in prison. Two measly years was all they’d served.

Meet The Author


Kristen Duvall is a writer of tales both real and make believe. Originally a Midwestern girl, she now resides in Southern California with her boyfriend, her Great Dane and a her rescued calico kitty. She dabbles in horror, science fiction, fantasy, young adult and speculative fiction. Femmes du Chaos is her first foray into publishing her own work, but she has one YA novel and a novella completed and ready to be edited. She also owns a small publishing company called Fey Publishing where she publishes other people’s work because while it’s a lot of work, there’s nothing she’d rather be doing with her life.

The release of Femmes du Chaos has been delayed a little, but currently it’s expected to be finished at the end of August or early September 2013.

To keep up to date on Kristen and to read more of her work, please follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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