Alright, who’s in the mood to play the ‘Christmas in July GIVEAWAY’ game with me?? The rules are easy and EVERYONE can play 🙂 Simply post your all-time favorite Christmas present in the comments below and by the end of the weekend I will gift 5 lucky winners an ebook copy of THIS CHRISTMAS!!

I’ll go first ~

I’ve been blessed with many wonderful Christmas mornings through out my life, so it will be hard to choose. So, I’ll go with the first thing that comes to mind, which is the year I desperately wanted a horse for my Barbie dolls. That year they released three new Barbie horses and I especially loved the paint and the black one with a white blaze.  When Christmas morning rolled around, not only had Santa brought me the fabulous paint horse, but my uncle had doubled the surprise by gifting me the black one I loved as well!

Now, who wants to go next??


P.S. Here’s what’s up for grabs ~



It’s Christmas time, school is out and Anna is headed home for the Holidays along with the rest of the student body. When she realizes that her friend and roommate, Danielle, has nowhere to go, she promptly decides to bring her home to meet the family…crazy as it may be. Danielle is in for quite a shock when she finds out just exactly what Anna means by “My mother loves strays”.
Not only are there dogs and cats galore, a pet pig and a squirrel named Lucy, there is also an entire family that doesn’t exactly have matching DNA. The shock quickly wears off when Danielle meets good looking Lindsay, Anna’s best friend and the eldest of the ‘stray’ family. It doesn’t take her long to convince a hesitant Anna to set her up with him. This only opens the door to awkward moments, misunderstandings and surprise encounters under the mistletoe.

While Anna has always been comfortable with the way things are at home, seeing things through Danielle’s eyes suddenly turns her world upside down and makes her confront feelings she never even knew she had. The Holidays are sure to be interesting as Anna figures out just what exactly it is she wants ‘This Christmas’.


4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY

  1. I remember the most amazing Christmas present I ever got was growing up in a split family home, after my parents had divorced, he in Georgia, us in Idaho, my mom had informed us that our dad was simply not able to afford to send us Christmas presents that year and she did her best, but it was a slim year for her as well and instead, we were going to truly remember the reason for the season and celebrate as a family. Looking under the tree, it was rather sparse and shortly after about 8 am, there was a knock on the front door, and anyone who knew us NEVER knocked on the front door, but upon opening it, my dad was standing at the door with an armload of presents. I can’t remember a single gift I got that year, but I remember him being there and us feeling like a family again!

  2. Entry Via Facebook by Carrie Ann

    My favorite Christmas: 1994…First time I saw my father in about eight years. It was at the home of his friends, people I didn’t know, but they went out of their way to make me and my fiance feel at home. There were even presents under the tree for us. Their hospitality smoothed what could have been an awkward reunion.

  3. Entry Via Facebook ~

    One year, when I was probably three of four years old, all four of us kids got brand new bikes. Mine was small, of course, and had training wheels. I loved that bike, even when I was ready for the training wheels to come off and one wouldn’t. That’s probably one of my earliest memories about Christmas.

  4. My favorite Christmas was when I was 14. We didn’t have a lot of money and I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of gifts. As it turned out, I got a beautiful new bathrobe, new clothes and best of all, a brand new Sony cassette recorder/player! It was so amazing – cassette recorders were all the rage and I had one!!

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