Just Checking In…

For a while now I’ve had this nagging feeling that my ever-expanding mental to -do list has gradually started shoving things overboard in a desperate attempt to make room for the daily additions. So, yesterday, I finally forced myself to put everything down on paper. While the length of the list is somewhat daunting, it also granted some much needed clarity. Due to this, it has now become undeniable just how much I’ve been neglecting my dear, sweet blog. 

I could blame my absence on a slew of different things ranging from personal tragedies to a crazy workload, but at the end of the day, does it matter? Not really. I’ve been gone and now I’m making an effort to find my way back. Is my mind still clouded from the events that took place in my life in the last thirty days? Yeah…but I’m doing my best to ignore the things that are out of my control and focusing on the things that I can. Like writing. 

After reading several new reviews for Lucky In Love, the theme was rather surprising. Apparently, readers were left wanting more…so, I’ve decided to give it to them. While I hadn’t ever considered writing a sequel to the book, my desperate need for a project led me to latch on to the idea and several thousand words later, I find myself pretty excited about this new journey Lucky and I are on.

In addition to ‘Getting Lucky’, I also jumped on the idea of a children’s book. As a mom who has read probably hundreds of books to her daughter, it’s an idea I’ve toyed around with more than once, but it wasn’t until I woke up a couple of weeks ago with the story still visible before my eyes that I suddenly decided it was time. So, about a week later Little Rachel Dark made her debut on Amazon. It was kind of a crazy experiment really and who’s to say whether or not it will pay off in any way other than that it was something I needed for myself at the time. Either way, I’m already happy with the results.

Also, it looks as though The Final Descendants will still be released within the month. Things were getting kind of sketchy there for about a minute, but I think things are back on track. In the meantime, I’ve also decided to do my part to celebrate Christmas in July and therefor I am letting This Christmas out of the vault a bit ahead of schedule. I know it technically isn’t the season, but really isn’t every season the perfect season for a fun- little- best- friend YA Romance? I think so.

So, there you have it…my current ‘life as a writer’ in a nutshell. What’s everyone else been up to??




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