At This Point In The Game…

So, I’m super stoked because things are really moving along with the release of The Final Descendants. I don’t have a set release date just yet, but the editing is underway and I have officially found the perfect model for my cover!! My artist (I got lucky here, my brother is a graphic artist!) is already working on the backdrop and we should have a banner – which will be a bit of a teaser of sorts- ready by the weekend. Along with that, I’ll be posting the finalized blurb. Yes, you heard me correctly: I finished the blurb!! I know, pretty shocked about that one myself 😉

Another thing I’m doing differently this time is the publishing. In the past I’ve pretty much stuck with Amazon. I’ve dabbled in Smashwords and Nook, but saw little results compared to the benefits I felt I had when using KDP Select. In the meantime, free promos aren’t what they used to be and while it won’t be nearly as structured, the free option remains available to me even if I opt to go with Smashwords this time around…which is what I plan to do. That way, the book will be accessible to any and all eReaders out there and hopefully I will find a whole new audience I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before now 🙂

Anyway, those are my thoughts at this point in the game…since it’s a learning process, everything is subject to change at any given moment 😉

While I’m here, I guess I better post these too ~

Chapter 15: Practice Makes Perfect


Chapter 16: The Art Of Possibilities


Chapter 17: The Plan



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