When Souls Have Lips by Nikki Sweet



Although the natural order of life is that our mother will precede us in death, that inevitability is no cushion to the pain, soul searching and feeling of loss  when you are left motherless.

When Souls Have Lips is the explosive  memoir of Nikki Sweet, whose life takes a shocking turn when her mother dies  suddenly. Eight million people suffer through the death of someone in their  immediate family each year, and when Nikki unexpectedly joins their ranks, she  is overcome with immobilizing grief. She plunges into a mystical journey that is  life changing, telling and inspirational. Almost magnetically Nikki is drawn to  a remote guest ranch two thousand miles from home. Her story is an amazing  blueprint for transitioning from regret to acceptance, from heartbreak to joy –  and it all comes together on the edge of a cliff, at seven thousand feet, in the  darkness of night.

Be prepared to discover the one thing every spirit and  soul most desires.


When Souls Have Lips is a beautiful story of love and loss. Even more so, it’s a tale that serves to remind us all not to deny who we truly are and what makes us blissfully happy. Only when we allow ourselves to dance to the tune of our heart can our soul shine as it was always meant to.

I think women especially will benefit from reading this sweet story. Not only because it is told by a woman, but because we as women, tend to frequently take care of others with limitless generosity while often forgetting to give back to ourselves. This book will not only serve as a reminder to those who need it, but will also inspire those who are seeking a change and just don’t know it yet~



Nikki Sweet is the founding director of Customer Service University and CEO of CSU Productions, Inc. A Professional Member of the National Speakers Association for more than a decade, Nikki’s tell-it-like-it-is approach, coupled with soulful insight and wit, has often earned her educational and story telling accolades.

At a very early age, Nikki became enamored with animals, particularly horses. As she grew so did her passion for the equine population. Her relationship with horses has always filled her with overwhelming joy, even through the most challenging times, as evidenced in her recent memoir, When Souls Have Lips. “It begins with my story – and ends with yours,” she points out. “When your emotions are stirred by this book, it is your story unfolding with each turn of the page.”

A believer in enjoying life to the fullest, over the years Nikki has added cattle drive adventures, flying planes, and RVing to her list of passions. When not traveling around the country in their motorcoach, she and her husband, Bill reside in Florida with their rescued black lab, Guinness, who inspires them to welcome each day with joy and gratitude.

Nikki Sweet can be contacted via her website at www.nikkisweet.com


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