Hot New Release By Rebecca Mena


The Writings From The Soul Of A Free Spirit by Rebecca Mena

This is a book full of poems written to remind you to keep your head in the clouds, keep your feet rooted in the ground and search for the silver lining in everything that comes your way.

Creeping Change

Today I have decided to make a change;
Instead of feeling that guilt and resentment directed at my meager weaknesses,
I sing.
I sing loud and proud as my feet no longer can resist the dance as the joy of life begins to flow.
Such beautiful peaceful day.
If I listen closely, I can hear the crackle of the leaves and the snapping of twigs, it’s change sneaking up on me and the life I hold on so dear. But precious is the change that’s almost here.
Its what’s causing this air to feel so crisp and alive as I breathe it deeply in my lungs.
I hope it comes soon.
Full force.
I’ve been drowning in the repetition of these days gone by.
Now my heart longs to remember how to fly,
my feet yearn to dance,
my imagination bursting to run wild and free as the soul should be.
So change, come for this sleepy girl.
And I will take part in what is already meant for me.

The Writings From The Soul Of A Free Spirit is NOW available at ~

Meet The Author:

becca plaid

Just a silly, whimsical and naive character, Rebecca Mena lives her life to the beat of her own drum. She discovered the beautiful world of writing after delving into the adventure of her first poetry assignment. She has been writing poetic expressions from her heart ever since. Now she has set out to share some of her works with you. Outside of jotting down poems in notebooks, she loves to tend her garden and fish tanks, paint for the joy of it, and spend time with her incredible family, friends, dogs.

Rebecca can be contacted via her blog as well as Facebook .


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