When It Rains: The Umbrella Collection

When it Rains, was a beautiful story that explored both the light as well as the deepest of darkness within the human mind. Told from Nora’s perspective, she shares with us her journey of fighting herself free from the chains of mental illness and releasing the devastating memories of losing her parents that haunt her mercilessly.

Prudence Hayes has done a wonderful job of addressing a very real issue and making it relatable to everyone. While the content of this book is certainly serious and should not be taken lightly, there are plenty of heart warming moments and outright hilarious interactions between Nora and those she loves the most, that guarantee for an entertaining read.

In the end, no matter who we are and where we’ve come from and no matter how sane we think we are…there’s a little bit of Nora in all of us. Something we should remember the next time we jump to making judgements rather than showing compassion.






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