New And Affordable Ways To Promote


As an Indie Author, I am always on the lookout for new and affordable ways to promote my work. Recently, I was introduced to a group named Write Minds Authors. It’s a brand new site, still in the beginning stages of build up, which in my opinion, makes it an excellent time for new and unknown writers to jump on board and ride the wave as it continues to grow and gain speed. The group consists entirely of authors. Authors who love to write, and need to promote. The site was born out of an idea that 10 voices are louder than one. 10 tweets reach more followers than 1. 10 books reach more readers than one.

Write Minds Authors recognizes that there are more than enough readers out there for everyone and rather than compete with one another, we need to work together. With that in mind, the Write Minds Authors site was created, offering a wide variety of services to writers as well as readers.

As a reader, you will have access to specials on books. You will be able to learn more about the authors who wrote them and also know ahead of time of any upcoming new releases.

As a writer, you have the opportunity to submit your books for free exposure on the affiliate author pages. Along with the free 2 week listing you are able to submit a post as a guest blogger on the Write Minds Author blog ( for added exposure. In addition to the promotion possibilities, there are also tons or resources, including writing tips and links to other services such as editing and book reviews.

Still not convinced? Stop by the site and see for yourself 🙂


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