Moonlight Walk

The beach is almost completely deserted

And the water is so far back

I can barely hear the waves crashing against the sand

Bringing with them

Colorful little pieces of the ocean

The best time to come to the beach

Is at night

Then I can enjoy all its gifts to the fullest

Starting with the sky

Which appears even greater

When there is no land restricting it

It looks as if someone took a saltshaker

And seasoned the heavens with it

I have never seen so many stars

There is more light than dark

As always

I try to see the man in the full moon

But no matter how hard I look

I still cannot find him

As we walk

The sand is cool against my toes

And smooth to the touch

Above us

Some late night seagulls are flying

As the wind is softly blowing

Whistling a sweet lullaby

To all those who have already said

Good night.


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