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‘Mike’s Place’

Our usual spot was a little bar effectively named ‘Mike’s Place’, since it was in fact, Mike’s place. We liked it there because the music was good, the crowd was loud and the beer was cheap. It was precisely the kind of place Eli and I felt comfortable. Over the years, we had become friends with Mike. This was really quite the feat, considering how many times we had gotten ourselves kicked out for bad behavior.  Regardless of the falling out, we always came groveling back and he always let us back in. I’m sure it helped that we were handy with a nail and hammer and were able to repair most of the things we damaged, except of course for the occasional nose or finger, but those were never attached to Mike so he didn’t much care how they got fixed or even if they got fixed at all.

The night was moving along nicely. I was enjoying my date, while Eli passed the time by playing pool with a couple of guys, probably cleaning them out in the process. I was curled up in a corner booth, sipping a beer and admiring the view. My date was a good looking guy, I say guy, because he wasn’t quite a man, but he was certainly no boy either. Sure, he was considerably younger than me, nevertheless, I had rarely had a better time with a member of the opposite sex. Brady Harmon, may have caught me a lot of flak for his tender age, but he was well worth it. Brady was not only raised right, his mama had made sure he was a perfect gentleman at all times, well, all the times it counted anyway. He was still young enough to have ambitions of taking care of his woman, and old enough to realize that I sure as hell didn’t need him to.  It was a perfect combination. He knew to ride that fine line in a way that made me feel as though I was always being tended to, without being hovered over or controlled. I felt at ease with Brady, a feeling that had been hard to come by in my life. The fact that he was also easy on the eyes, certainly didn’t hurt any either. Brady had a face that was pretty now, but would be handsome later and a body, compliments of the hard labor he performed on a daily basis on his daddy’s Dairy Farm. He was a keeper, at least, until further notice.

I tipped my bottle and took the last swallow before setting it back down on the table. Brady saw me and said, “You want me to get you another beer?”

This was just the sort of thing I was talking about. “Sure.  Thanks.” He grabbed our empty bottles and walked over to the bar. No sooner had he ordered our drinks, that Eli showed up by his side, just to give him a hard time.

“Hey Mikey, better make sure and card this guy, he looks a little green to me.” Thankfully, Brady was getting pretty used to it.

“Hey, Eli.”

She smiled. “You two love birds having a good time?”

He had found that keeping his answers simple was safest. “Yup.”

Eli had already started getting bored. “How nice.” Brady used it to his advantage and made his exit.

“Well, I better get back over there…Em’s waiting.”

“You do that.”

He breathed a sigh of relief as he walked back in my direction. I felt sorry for him in a way, but I couldn’t be mad at Eli either. I probably wouldn’t have been any different, if the tables had been turned.

Eli remained standing at the bar drinking her beer. Mike was busy putting away glasses, shaking his head at her.

“Why you always gotta be so hard on him?” Eli turned to face him. He had a round face and big eyes that were almost hidden under his bushy eyebrows. Below his eyes sat a rather pointy nose, followed by a full beard that engulfed nearly half of his face, leaving his mouth practically invisible until he chose to open it. Although he wasn’t much older than either of us and even though the hair on his face suggested otherwise, the hair on his head was virtually non-existent. Most nights, he disguised this fact by wearing a ratty old baseball cap, but tonight he had chosen to go with a barer look.  Eli got distracted by the glare that had caught her eye off of the reflection from his shiny head. Then she remembered what she had wanted to say.

“Because he’s dating my sister. If he can’t handle what I dish out, he won’t be able to handle much of anything.” It was true. Mike knew it, too, but he also knew Brady.

“You and I both know he’s a good kid…and he really cares about Emma.” There was no convincing Eli of that yet.

“Time will tell.”

Meanwhile, a guy named Ralph had been eaves dropping on their conversation, something he was known for. He ran the local hardware store and everybody knew if there was gossip to be heard, he had heard it, and was willing to pass it along. Most mornings, you would find small groups of people, all crowded around the counter getting the latest of the latest. Some would even bring in donuts and coffee to make it a real social type of thing. Ralph had single-handedly been responsible for unveiling three true paternities and seven extra marital affairs.  He was the kind of guy people loved to hate and hated to love. For Eli, I suppose it was just a ‘hate-hate’ sort of thing, though.

While Ralph had been quietly sitting by for most of the conversation, he had now consumed enough alcohol that he felt ready to participate. So, he turned around on his bar stool to face Eli and opened his big drunk mouth.

“You know what I think your problem is?”

Eli placed her bottle on the counter rather dramatically as if she had been waiting all her life for someone to finally ask her that. “Oh, Ralph, do tell.”

Fool that he was, he did. “You’re jealous.”

So far, Eli was mildly entertained, which was lucky for Ralph. “How’s that?”

Once invited to, he went on with his theory, “It’s obvious. Both your sisters have a man and you don’t. That’s why you go around making everyone else as miserable as you are.” He had gone too far.

“Why don’t you just mind your own business, Ralph? You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!”

With that Eli took her beer and began to walk away, but Ralph just couldn’t let it go.

“You know I’m right. Look at Evey. You drove her man so crazy, they had to move all the way to Chicago just to get away from you.”

Brady and I had been watching the whole thing from our booth across the room. Up until that very moment, I hadn’t been too worried about the situation. Now, that had changed.

“Oh, no.”

Brady looked back at me, then turned back to look at Eli, just in time to see her spin around on the heel of her boot and swing her arm out, before she let it snap back to punch Ralph so hard, it knocked him right off of his seat.

After putting Ralph on his ass, she stood towering over him while addressing the rest of the crowd, “Anyone else like to share an opinion tonight? Anybody?”  I looked at the rest of the room and then at Brady. He was watching me for my next cue, “We gotta go, huh?”

I was already climbing over the backside of the booth, when I answered, “Yeah, I think we better.”

At this point the other patrons were starting to stand up, but Eli was still standing her ground. “

Come on you cowards! You think I don’t hear what y’all say behind my back? Too tongue tied to say it to my face?”

As fast as I could, I made my way over to her before anyone else could come forward. “Okay, Eli, let’s go.” I urged.

By now, Ralph had managed to pick himself back up off of the floor. And as if being punched once hadn’t been enough, he proceeded to angle for a second time.

“Yeah, get that crazy bitch out of here.”  Now, that jackass was getting on my nerves, too.

“What did you say?”

Since he was standing again and surrounded by his buddies, he didn’t hesitate to repeat himself. “I said…get that crazy bitch out of here. I’m usually against hitting a woman, but with a mouth and left hook like hers, I’d have no problem knockin’ her around a bit.  She needs it.”

“Is that so?”

Ralph looked like he was reconsidering his position, but it was too late to back out now. So, he nodded slowly and said, “Yes.” He had made his move and I was about to make mine.

“Well, then you better hold me to that same standard…’cause I hit even harder than she does!”

Before he knew it, he had gotten himself laid out a second time. This time, his buddies were better prepared.

Next thing we knew, we had started an all-out bar fight. Not our first, but still we were always surprised when it happened. The only one anticipating this outcome had been Brady, however in this instance, his meager age worked against him as he hadn’t had the years of experience we had in engaging in bar brawls. So, he did the only sensible thing he could do, which was to leave and wait outside in his truck.

To Be Continued…


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