Books Are Keeping Me Awake At Night

It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m reading one or writing one, either way, I’m not getting enough sleep these days. Not that I’m complaining…well, I am complaining. Not about the reading or writing, because I love doing both and I’m certainly enjoying myself while doing it. No, my complaint is the requirement of sleep. If I could avoid it all together, I could quite possibly find the time to actually do all the things I would like to do in one day. Then again, I do kind of like sleep too…

Last night it was Adrianna by Eileen Register keeping me from slumber. I was about 2/3 of the way through and there was simply no way I was putting the book down before I reached the very end…and even as I did, I couldn’t help but do the automatic finger scroll in search of more. It was close to 3 am when I finally shut down my tablet and rested my eyes. Far too close to morning for my liking when you have two dogs and a kid who like to get up early…and then expect breakfast and such, but Adrianna was well worth it.

The opening sentences of Adrianna describe her riding at high speeds on her stallion, Thunder. Well, if you know anything about me at all, you know that’s all it took for me to want to read this book. Add to that the fact that this story takes place in the Sunshine State, and I am all in 🙂

Early on, tragedy strikes, providing Adrianna with quite a mountain to climb, both emotionally and physically. It’s a mountain she doesn’t shy away from even as she finds herself at the center of a murderous plot. Adrianna is not only young and beautiful, she is also a wealthy heiress and the list of people who stand to inherit her fortune is long and ugly. As those closest to her try to find out who is behind the attempts on  her life, Adrianna forges forward unwilling to lay down and forfeit after everything she’s already been through.

If Adrianna’s emotional journey and the mystery of a killer on the loose weren’t enough, the layers of this story don’t stop there. In the midst of all of the fear and the pain, there are several love stories unfolding as well. Which, aside from the horse factor, were probably my favorite part 🙂 What can I say, I’m a sucker for romance, especially when the men posses some southern charm and chivalry. If you’re anything like me and need those happy endings laced with love, then Adrianna is sure to satisfy your cravings!

So, go feed your need 🙂 ~


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