Well, the weekend is over and therefore the Lucky In Love Promotion has come to an end. As promised, I am back to fill everyone in on how it went and I am happy to report that it was an all out success šŸ™‚

My goal in terms of downloads was 10,000 and I am thrilled to say that I was able to surpass that number. This meant that I not only made it into the top 100 freeĀ in theĀ Kindle Store, but that I maintained my position there (I bounced around quite a bit, but was always safely situated close to the middle). I also landed in the top 10 of my category (Contemporary Fiction), making it as high as #4 at one point, and stayed there until Sunday night when the promo ended.

I also experienced some unexpected bonuses,Ā such asĀ an increase in ‘likes’ and a new review the first day the Promo started. That was just on Amazon. When I checked Goodreads, I found that the list of people intending to read Lucky In Love had nearly tripled, plus I received several new ratings just during the days it was free.

Since then, after just one day of things being back toĀ  normal, I have already seen a very noticeable spike in sales! Who wouldn’t be happy with that?!

So, want to know how I did it? I’ll tell ya šŸ™‚

About two weeks ahead of time, I submitted my novel to these sites:

Books OnĀ The KnobĀ

Centsible E-Reads

Free Booksy

Frugal Reader Freebie Page

Pixel Of InkĀ

Free Kindle Books And TipsĀ  (They require an average user rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars for consideration) Ā

From then on, I continued working my way down the list…

eReader News Today

Bargain eBook Hunter

Kindle Book Review

Ebook Deal of the Day

Book Goodies (also offer great additional services to authors!)

Digital Ink Spot


Kindle Boards

Free Kindle Fiction

That Book Place

Free Book Dude (another great site offering support for Indie Authors)

ebook Lister

Book Basset

eReader IQ

One Hundred Free Books

Free Books Daily


Indie Book Promo

Frugal Freebies

Awesome Gang

Best eBook Reader

Just Kindle Books

My Book And My Coffee

Don’t want to commit that much time or didn’t plan ahead? Go here – Author Marketing ClubĀĀ and simply fill out the forms below to submit to several of the sites listed above all in one nifty place. When you’re done with that, check out the site! They offer quite a bit more than just the free listings…

On the Thursday before the promo started,Ā I visited theĀ IndiesĀ UnlimitedĀ site @Ā andĀ submitted my book for the Ā ā€œFreebie Friday Ramp-Up.ā€

Then, on the day of, I listed the novel on Snicklist, KindleboardsĀ and World Literary Cafe, as well as several Facebook groups I’m a part of. I also sent tweets about my Free Promo to all these People ~


They say that hourly tweets during the promo are best, but who has that kind of time?! I don’t. So, I used a scheduling service like and spent the days before the weekend preparing my tweets. I made sure to include hashtags like #Free #KindleFreebieĀ and #FreeKindleBook, to name a few…you get the idea.

So, yeah…that’s pretty much it. All of the marketing was completely free and only cost me my time, which was certainly valuable since it was time I could have spent writing, butĀ given the outcome, Ā I think it was well worth spending šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Success!!

  1. Congrats! That’s so exciting! I’m loving that you shared all these links with us. A little overwhelming looking at the list in terms of ‘can I do all this next time I have a free promotion?’, but if it’s worth it I will probably psych myself up enough to give it all a try! Thanks for sharing! (PS – One of those downloads was me! I look forward to reading!)

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