Your Shoes My Shoes : We All Love Shoes


Well, the Tot and I had ourselves another night of book reviewing…we make an excellent team 🙂

Since we enjoyed Barbara Bloom’s first two books as much as we did, we decided to go back for the third!

Your Shoes My Shoes was just as adorable as the others. The lovely rhymes flowed beautifully and were easy to follow  while the colorful images went well with the story, which described all the different types of shoes out there and who they might be best suited for. My personal favorite were the sparkly shoes while my daughter leaned more towards the clown shoes…I’m hoping she’ll grow out of that.

As I’ve come to expect from Barbara Bloom’s books, there were once again elements of education as she touched on counting, as well as colors, in addition to basic knowledge related to shoes in general.

Your Shoes My Shoes : We All Love Shoes! ~ We do indeed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Your Shoes My Shoes : We All Love Shoes

  1. Barbara Bloom .. what a nifty name .. thanks, I will look for her books. This book on shoes sounds very interesting .. such an art form. A world totally unknown to me … so guess I’ll just have to read this book to find out more!! A.M.

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