It’s FREE!!


So, my novels have been on Amazon for almost a year now. During this time period, I’ve dabbled in the free promotions offered to Authors who list their books in the KDP Select program. The first time I did it with Country Girls, I knew absolutely zip about what I was doing. I simply set up the promotion and that was it. Well, aside from posting it on my personal Facebook page for family and friends to see. Anyway, I wound up with a few thousand downloads and found the experience to be completely thrilling! Mostly because I suddenly had all of these potential readers when before I had none and that was a feat in and of itself. Plus, the sales began to trickle in once the free period ended and realizing that I was actually going to get paid for doing what I love, well that was nothing if not exciting!

A few months later when I released Lucky In Love, I gave it another shot. Even though I had learned quite a bit more at that point about marketing and self-publishing, I still didn’t really know how to make the most out the free promotion. I handled it the same way I had the first time around and received similar results. Though I will say that it wasn’t quite as successful the second time around. Truthfully, I haven’t the slightest clue why. Either way, I was happy with the outcome. Happy enough to use the same promotional tool when I released Blood Bound (on a side note, Blood Bound is currently unavailable and will be re-released by the end of the year through SalGad Publishing, but I’ll tell you more about that some other time).

By the time Blood Bound was ready, so was I. I had done far more research than I ever had before and felt certain that the launch would go very well. I knew that the fact that I had no reviews posted on the brand new book (how would I? No one had had a chance to read it yet?!) would work against me, but I forged ahead nonetheless.

Now, even though I knew a whole lot more than I did the times before, I am still a horrible procrastinator…with a deadline. See, while I was preparing for my big launch, I was actually still finishing the book! Waiting until the very last minute on pretty much everything, I only made use of the tools available to me a day or two before the promotion started. It wasn’t enough.

Things still went well, but suffice it to say that the number of downloads, while in the thousands, was far from mind-blowing.  I was fine with that until a friend of mine ran a free promo and actually did all of the things I knew I SHOULD HAVE done but didn’t because I was too busy doing other things I should have already had done. Things went so well for her it made me determined to do it one more time and do it right!

So, here I am getting ready to give it one more try. There will be no half-assing it this time. I’ve made lists, I’m using check marks ~ I’m all over it! My next promo is on the 19th of this month and I’ve already been busy prepping since last week. It’s completely out of character for me, but I am anxious to see if the extra work will pay off. And, it stands to reason that it will 🙂

Rest assured, I will be back to update you on the 22nd after the promotion has ended to let you know how it all went…If all goes according to plan I will be sure to include all the info I have gathered in the process that helped me prepare this time around!


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