When You Look Her In The Eye

When You Look Her In The Eye

When her wind blows harder

Than her heart beats

Thunder cries out in fury

And lightning strikes whoever speaks

The emotions just take over

Her body crashes to the ground

The clouds take out the sun

And the hail starts shooting down

There is one thing

And she needs to know

When the storm starts unfolding

Will you stay or will you go

When the twister touches ground

And chaos spreads through the whole town

Screams of fear are the only sound

Will you be brave enough to stick around

Will you run and seek shelter

Or will you stay and hold her hand

Will you hide from her fury

Or will you be right there where she stands

Can you understand that this is her

And the weather changes often

If she goes from sun to storm

Will you still love her then

Even when the wind is blowing softly

Singing a sweet lullaby

You can always see her storm brewing

When you look her in the eye.


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