Killer In Sight (A Tom Lackey Mystery)

Well, I’ve had some time to do some grown up reading. This time I went for a little crime and suspense, mixed with a little paranormal thriller. It made for a tremendous combination, let me tell you!

Sandra Carrington-Smith, who also penned The Book of Obeah which is set to film in 2013, didn’t just write your run of the mill who dunnit when she wrote Killer In Sight. She put on paper a true page turner set to give you the chills at every unexpected and undead twist along the way.

Every aspect of this story was carefully thought out and there is no denying this writer’s skill for bending words to her will and leading the reader’s heart down a journey filled with emotions that range from sheer horror to great love and unbearable pain, all while moving the mind to spin in circles as we try to figure out just who is responsible for this seemingly senseless crime. In fact, I dare you to call out the killer before you reach the end! I can almost guarantee that you’ll be wrong. I was.

Now I’m just hoping I can get my hands on a copy of The Book of Obeah and squeeze in time to read it before the movie comes out 🙂

To find out more about The Book Of Obeah – The Movie be sure to check out the facebook page @!/BookOfObeahTheMovie !!


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