Heal this breaking heart

Mend the seems that split

Return the warmth that once resided

Breathe air upon the fire barely lit

Empower this mind once more

Give unto it the sight it seeks

Lead this voice with confidence

And fill the words it speaks

There is faith left in this shell

It is holding on to it’s own ties

A battle has been fought here

The enemy was armed with lies

But the truth is on our side

And the truth shall always prevail

So this hope that lingers in me

Promises I will not fail

As hollow as my smile may seem

The emotions streaming from these eyes could pierce

This war has destroyed much

But what remains is alive and fierce

The softer side of me has left

It seemed to be an easy sacrifice at first

It was swallowed whole

And it quenched this angers thirst

So as I battle on within me

Forewarn the gentle and the meek

Do not turn to me for answers

If it’s sweetness that you seek

Tell them not to come too close

The sensitive ones dare not come near

I beg them not to ask for my opinion

I doubt they’ll care for what they hear

I promise there is still goodness

It still resides within me

Kindness and understanding

Have learned to exist quietly

And there’s more I know

I’ve felt the talent and skill

The only thing I can’t seem to find

Is the ever needed will

If I shed the bitterness

The anger will soon follow

Eventually the sadness too would melt away

But who would be left without the sorrow

I don’t know me without my curse

I’ve learned to live it as a gift

I’ve sought comfort and peace

In this unbalanced harmonious rift

To cry and shout for near a decade

To feel displaced for these ten years

Then to seek a new path of happiness

It welcomes some unusual fears

If I were not afraid of what’s to come

I’d never have to reach inside

To find the courage I was given

When faith and I came to collide.


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