Back Into The Sunshine

It’s not often that I choose to read a non-fiction book. In general I find that there is always an abundance of reality and most of it is rather depressing, so if I have the choice, I usually reach for a book that will let me wander off into la-la land where I can escape to the ever blissful bubble of imagination.

However, having fought my own battles with depression over the years, I decided to make an exception and read “Back Into The Sunshine” by Prudence Hayes. An entirely REAL story that may not deliver a whole lot of bliss but instead delivers an even stronger feeling of HOPE.

Through her incredibly honest writing Prudence Hayes gives us an intimate look into the troubled mind of someone battling depression and low self-esteem due to years of mental and emotional abuse. Without holding back, she takes us on her journey of self-destruction, loss and at last, finding her way ‘back into the sunshine’. This book is a must read for everyone who has ever been at war with themselves, battling depression and the dark hell that seems to trap you there. More so perhaps, it is a book for anyone who has ever known and cared for someone who is suffering from these types of mental illnesses and the self-destructive behaviors it provokes, but felt helpless and unable to comprehend or understand what that person is going through. Prudence Hayes has been able to put into words what so many can’t and has therefore given a voice to everyone who has felt lost, alone and unheard. Until now…


3 thoughts on “Back Into The Sunshine

    • Oh no 😦 I’m so sorry! As you know, I’ve just gone through the same thing myself, so I genuinely feel your pain…The only peace I’ve found so far is in knowing that they are well where they are and grateful that we were brave enough to let them go…

      Sending love and light your way ~

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