The Very Thing


Give me six months or so

And I’ll be on my way

I’ve got somewhere else to go

And I may decide to go today

I am tied to nothing

And connected to few

I keep coming and going

Nothing I can do

You could ask me to stay

But I doubt it would stop me

Try to stand in my way

Guess what my reaction would be

I would turn on a dime

And start running really fast

I do it all the time

There are many you could ask

I don’t know why I do it

I really have no clue

I started and now I can’t stop it

I wouldn’t even stop for you

Sometimes I try and lie

Claim to want an anchoring man

But to truly stay for a guy

Well I’m just not sure I can

He would have to hold me tight

And be prepared to run

It would have to be Mr. Right

And not something I was doing for fun

There’s no one I know now

No man at this time

And at his point I don’t see how

I would ever change my mind

And the truth is this

That fact makes me sad

To be truly loved and missed

That’s something I’ve never had

So I’ll be on my way again

Searching for that open door

‘Cause the very thing you think I’m running from

Is the very thing I’m looking for.


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