Multiple Choices And No Wrong Answer…

As it is, I’ve started three different projects since finishing “Blood Bound” and I can’t seem to decide on one, nor can I seem to get myself to write period. The first choice, and perhaps the easiest, would be to work on Music and Memories. I have the complete first draft finished and now all I need is to fill in the previously crafted skeleton. Sounds simple enough, right?! So, maybe that’s the problem…too simple.

Then there’s option number two…an idea I’ve been toying around with ever since finishing Blood Bound, which is to turn the whole thing into a trilogy. It would be fun and new, because I’ve never done anything like it…but then it’s also quite a daunting task and with everything that’s going on in my personal life right now, I’m just not sure I’m up for it. Plus, it would mean starting from scratch. Completely from scratch…like the early brainstorming stages…sure I’ve jotted down a few thoughts, thrown around some title options and even gone so far as to write the first 500 words or so, but really…I’m still in the pre-writing stages and I need something I can work on now. Something to suck me in and take me away from the stress of reality, not add more to it.

Which brings me to option number three – ManEater. I started writing it about 2 years ago and I’m probably a third into the skeleton by now. I’m afraid that at the time I started it, I may have jumped the gun a bit and went into writing too soon before I had mapped out which direction I wanted to go. I mean, I have a destination in mind, but the whole thing is based on something I dreamt and parts of that dream simply will not translate well onto paper. Unfortunately it’s those parts that made me want to write it to begin with because they were the funniest. So now, I have to come up with something equally entertaining to make this story work. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Now, that I’m looking at it all in writing, I realize that the levels of completion aren’t the only differences amongst my project choices. I’ve got a love story, suspense and then a comedy (or at least what I’m hoping will be one). And given that I’m over the love gig, too tired to figure out a mystery and could really use a good laugh…I guess the choice is actually pretty obvious after all.


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