I Love You

I Love You

She called him yesterday

Just to say “hello”

He was standing right there

When the machine picked up

Something stopped him from answering the phone

All night long he stayed awake

Waiting for the phone to ring

Maybe she would call again

If she did what would he say

He couldn’t think of anything

Maybe “I’m sorry”

Should he tell the truth

“I should have said – I love you”

Too little too late

Those words crossed his mind

How could he expect for her to wait

She already waited for such a long time

She was sitting up straight in her bed

She thought she heard someone calling

But it was all in her head

She thought for a moment

Then reached for the phone

At three o’clock in the morning

She knew he’d be at home

When he answered the phone

He didn’t say a word

No hello, no who’s this, not a tone

She wasn’t sure he was listening

Although she heard someone breathing

She didn’t know what to say

Wasn’t sure what to do

When out of nowhere she heard it

“I love you.”


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