The Tangled Web

Well, since my last blog addressing my relationship with technology, I have discovered the downside to reading ebooks – if you don’t remember to charge your device, you ain’t readin’ NOTHIN’!

I’m a when-I’ve-got-the-time  sort of person. I’m pretty sure ALL moms are when-I’ve-got-the-time people. Anyway, when I decide that I’ve got time to read, the book better be ready and able…not the case when you forgot to shut down and plug-in the tablet after the previous late night’s reading. Needless to say, at that point, reading get’s bumped and I move on to something else I’ve-now-got-the-time for.

Be that as it may, as of some time last night, I have officially finished reading “The Tangled Web” by J.P. Lane. Here’s what I thought ~

This thriller was loaded with suspense and action. Right from the start, the ride begins and it doesn’t let up until the very last page, and even then, you are left with a feeling that the story doesn’t end there…

J.P. Lane’s writing is eloquent and incredibly descriptive, as she takes the reader on a trip around the world. Painting pictures so vividly with her words, that you may find yourself wishing you could plan a trip to visit the Caribbean to see the stunning scenery with your own eyes one minute, while then vowing to never go there the next, out of fear you may get murdered or worse in the midst of the crime and corruption that seems to breed there. This, of course, is fantastic for the story…but perhaps not so much for tourism on the islands…

The obvious favorites amongst the characters are no doubt Logan and Lauren, however I found myself also taking a liking to one of the side stories involving Mike and Virginia. No matter where you turn in this book, the diversity and details are superb, offering something for everyone and leaving no one behind. There isn’t just one storyline, there are several. Each of which will have you hooked before you even realize you’ve been derailed, ensuring that you don’t know a single strand of the mystery until J.P. Lane decides it’s time.

My advice, don’t fly too close to the web unless you plan to get caught. Once you’re in…there’s only one way out!

Get your own copy and start reading tonight ~


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