No More

No More

Mercury’s in retrograde

The needle on my compass still points south

The thoughts in my head

Aren’t the words in my mouth

Everything is out-of-place

But I don’t remember where it once belonged

You are doing what you think is right

And still I feel sincerely wronged

The universe in motion

But still the stars are not aligned

I need to focus on what is standing still

Not floating aimlessly and undefined

The sun is surely calling

And I can feel the ocean tide

I can’t take your coming and going

When will be that final moment you decide

This heart is restless and out of use

Turned away time and again

My mind is exhausted

I’m going to bury my head in the sand

And the sea will wash away old scars

Though salt water will sting me still

I won’t want to think of you

But something tells me that I will

The beach may heal but it won’t hide

The feelings I have stuffed away

Stay disappeared for my vacation

But will resurface on some rainy day

And as the wall of water crashes down

My heart will shatter on the floor

My knees will hit the ground in prayer

May this soul love you no more.



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