When I’m Not Writing…

After several months of intense writing and editing, it seems I needed to take a little breather. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t already dove head first into several new projects, just means I needed a little something different in the mix to keep my creative juices from going stale.

Over the years I guess you could say that I’ve dabbled in various types of arts. Spent many years doing music and community theater, before moving on to photography, which I always felt was a very complimentary activity to my poetry. Then, after many years of sitting by and watching others (and thinking, I could totally do that!) I finally gave it a shot and started refurbishing old furniture.

Turns out, I LOVE doing it! While I’m no expert (I have a hard time following instructions or taking lessons…always prefer to wing it), I like to think that I’ve produced some pretty cool pieces.

This past weekend, I was able to score two pieces, for what I consider an absolute steal! I jumped right in and got to work immediately. I am happy to say that dresser number one is FINISHED!! I’ll be going in a different direction with piece number two, so we shall see how that turns out. Hoping to spend some time on it tomorrow 🙂

In the mean time ~ Meet “Tickled Pink”


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