A Flame That Flickers On


There seem to be words

That want to be written

Somewhere deep in my conscience

Is where they are hidden

There may be feelings

That long to be shown

Buried deep in my heart

They remain unknown

I could sing you songs

Of sweet melodies

But each note is tied

To sweet memories

I could tell of a life

But you’d never believe

I could mention people

That never wanted to leave

You could learn of my past

Learn of my heartache

See what dreams I dream

Even when I’m awake

Feel the ghost of my father

And the touch of my angels

Hear the words of my mother

And secrets no one tells

Listen to me just once

And hear exactly what I say

Look me directly in the eye

And see me in a different way

There are words that need to be spoken

That neither one of us will speak

We won’t show our feelings

Out of fear we might look weak

There are feelings that are felt

And a flame that flickers on

We can’t put it out

It won’t ever be gone.


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