Music and Memories

I’ve decided it’s time to dig up an old script and start working on it again…

Here’s the general concept ~

When a young woman finds herself at a crossroads in her life, she may find it’s best to make a U-turn.


Music and Memories – The title is still a work in progress…it may or may not stick, too soon to tell 🙂

Marissa is a stay at home mom with a husband who is never home. As the emptiness in her home starts to become the emptiness in her own heart, she finds herself drawn to memories of a past love. When the present and past begin to battle on within her, she decides to end the war by going back to where it all began – Alamo, NV. Fully prepared to stare her past in the eye and tell it goodbye once and for all, Marissa packs up her daughter and makes the long drive home to her family and her former self.

Unfortunately things don’t exactly go according to plan as she slips right back into her old lifestyle and finds herself even more torn between two worlds that couldn’t be farther apart.

So, yeah…it will be interesting to see how much I keep from the original piece as I work the script into a novel. I’d like to think my writing has evolved some since I first wrote it, but then the story itself is likely to remain as it is…bittersweet as it may be for me.


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