Ella’s Writing Book

My daughter is four. She’s at an age where every little thing she observes seems to be absorbed in her little brain like it’s a sponge. Sometimes this is a little unnerving, (like when she brings up private conversations I wasn’t aware she overheard in front of strangers) but most of the time it’s fascinating!

For a while now, she has been eager to learn how to write. She has exhausted my poor brain with sounding out and spelling out every word she sees or thinks about. On top of that, she takes great pleasure in sitting at my computer in front of a blank word doc and typing away at her hearts desire.

While it may look like nothing more than an odd collection of letters and punctuation marks to most, to her, it’s a novel, one that she will gladly read and re-read to anyone who will listen. I can tell you now, she is a marvelous storyteller in the making!

This morning as she was coloring away in the notebook I picked up for her at a recent back to school sale, she suddenly informed me that it was now her “writing book”! Then she flipped the pages about half way through to where she had been writing! When she recited her words back to me, she had formulated a lovely little poem! It was so good in fact, I wished I could have jotted it down myself to keep, or at the very least made some kind sense of her writing. If she keeps going like this, I may have to keep a special notebook handy myself just to write down all the things she writes.

For the most part, I’m generally more in favor of the “do as I say not as I do” parenting, but in this case I guess the “do as I do” is pretty cool 🙂


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