My Least Favorite Part…

So, as the release date for ‘Blood Bound’ approaches fast, I am scurrying around trying to get the last things checked off of my to-do list. I got two done today! New Book Trailer – Check! And Book Description – Check, Check!!

The thing is, writing the description is probably my least favorite part. If I could have told the story in just three paragraphs, I probably wouldn’t have wasted all that time and effort into spreading it over two hundred pages…but as it seems to be required, I sit down, bang my head against the desk and then begin to write.

Several times I write out one or two sentences before I tap the backspace key. I tap it over and over again. As long as it takes to get back to the starting line and that blank screen. Then I start over. This happens for a good day or two. Eventually I move on to writing down random notes that don’t really go together in any way, but somehow it seems that it’s those little scribblings that somehow begin to grow into the finished product.

After a great deal of stress and anguish, here’s what I’ve come up with so far…and I can’t help but wonder…based on those three short paragraphs will people read the book??

Blood Bound

‘The McCarthy’s, once strong and proud, have become a family torn apart by lies and betrayal. With years and distance between them, they must suddenly come together and form a united front as they search for justice for one of their own.

However, they soon find that the truth they seek lies at the core of crime and corruption, buried there carefully by someone they would never suspect.

Will this shared thirst for vengeance finally bring the McCarthy boys back together and repair the family bond that once bound them so tightly?  Or will it be the deviant force that leads to their ultimate destruction?’



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