Creative Flash May Lead To Sudden Brain Freeze

So, the other morning I was getting ready, when I had this sudden scene flash through my brain. It was the exact sort of ending I have been looking for with my current project, but hadn’t been able to come up with, until that very moment. I was instantly excited at this new idea and it gave me the boost I needed to get over the midway hump that had recently started to slow me down. Then, as the day progressed and I spent more time thinking about my surprise creative flash, something unexpected happened.

As I was playing out the scene in my head the way that it had occurred to me, it suddenly began to play out quite differently than I had initially expected it to. See, I tend to get rather attached to my characters and because I love them, I in turn want future readers to love them as well. Because of this, it was easy to assume that my ending would not only tie things up nicely and offer everyone the closure they would be seeking, but it would naturally shine the final bright flattering ray of light upon my lead, however, upon closer examination, I realized that I may have interpreted the idea all wrong. In one smooth move I could very easily turn my protagonist into the antagonist and no one would ever have seen it coming. Myself included.

As this new thought process began to spread, I quickly began to review the story as I have written it thus far, only to realize that while I had been so sure about the path I had been on and where it would ultimately lead, I had also been laying the foundation I would need to deliver this new twist of all twists at the very end.

Only now I am completely torn about which route to take. Do I stay on track and tell the story the way it initially came to me or do I slam on the breaks and make an illegal U-turn at the very end leaving everyone around me stunned and well, perhaps, a little angry because the character I’ve led them to fall in love with turns out to be a complete ass. I just don’t know…

What would you do??



2 thoughts on “Creative Flash May Lead To Sudden Brain Freeze

  1. Ha – this sounds so familiar! I run into this problem more often than not, it seems, and… This is where all my ‘sequels’ are born. I usually can only live with myself turning a story on its end (an end that is just so fun and compelling to turn it on, so of course you (I) have to!) if I then go and write a sequel to patch things back up. This probably doesn’t help you, but it’s what I end up doing.

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