‘Aren’t YOU the one writing it??’

At dinner with a friend this evening I mentioned how much progress I had been making on my current novel. I was excited as I told her that I had learned a few more details about my characters as I had been writing. She laughed. “You mean, details you didn’t know? Aren’t you the one writing it?!”

Well, she made a good point. I guess it would sound sort of silly to suggest that this new information just sort of appeared out of thin air, but the truth is…it did. That’s one of my favorite aspects of writing fiction. The fact that I don’t know the story yet either, and honestly, I put forth a great deal of effort to keep it that way. The worst thing I can do while working on something is over think it. When there are no surprises left, that’s when I get bored, the book gets shelved and no one other than me ever gets to hear how it ends…

So, since I don’t take the time to figure out the inner workings of my storyline before I put pen to paper, I have to wait to find out what happens next the same way I would if I were reading it. If I feel compelled to come back to it day after day, I take that as a good indication that future readers will someday feel the same way.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am in no way suggesting that my work is channelled or that the ideas are whispered into my ear by little pixies. It’s simply a matter of allowing the words to flow. Giving my brain free reign and paying close attention to where it takes me. It’s an awesome adventure. One I never tire of and always look forward to. Mostly perhaps, because each and every time, it’s different and I get to see and learn new things, meet new characters and feel the highs and lows of their emotions and tag along as they get into crazy situations that they learn to scramble out of, all from the comfort and safety of my desk and just a few feet away from where my daughter is playing…

What could be better than this?

~ Karina


4 thoughts on “‘Aren’t YOU the one writing it??’

  1. Part of the reason I love writing is allowing the creative, free part of my brain to have complete control. I’m just along for the ride. I learn more about the characters and story as I write. I have no idea what will come next, but I can’t wait to read it 🙂


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