Turn To A Book

It’s strange how sometimes your brain can be so overcrowded with everyone else’s noise that you can’t find a way to organize even the smallest group of words to form a single thought. And then, when you finally sit down to write, to shut out the rest of the world and to stop and listen to yourself,  you find that all you really hear is silence.  

I’m having one of those times right now. Or, actually, it seems to have been going on for days now. At first I blamed the holidays. The house has been unusually full of people (a wonderful thing for having fun, a not-so-wonderful thing when you are in the midst of writing a novel). Since I literally couldn’t shut them out, I went with the flow. Put off writing and enjoyed the company of those I love. However, the weekend has ended, people have returned to their regular schedules and still I find myself consumed by, well, junk really. Stupid little facebook commentary is floating through my head colliding with ‘time-wasting’ yahoo articles I skimmed out of boredom (I didn’t really need to know which bikini’s guys prefer….and honestly, I don’t get the mono-kini either) and the never ending ‘mommy to do list’ that runs on repeat all day long reminding me of all the things that still need to be done (and no, I still haven’t made that appointment…I’ll get to it tomorrow) all set to the lovely soundtrack of ‘the smurfs’ which my daughter is watching a few feet away from where I’m sitting as she eats her fruit snack. You tell me, how do I channel the voices of my characters, who incidentally are currently attending the funeral of their youngest brother, as Smurfette is busy claiming to be the ‘smurfiest’ of all in the background?!

Normally I would turn to a book at this point and begin to read. A little trick I learned a while back. Reading helps me focus on my writing. Sounds a bit strange perhaps, but it’s true. Not only does it limit the noise build up in my head because I am now focusing more specifically on one thing, but it also helps me stay in that creative place. Even if I am busy envisioning someone else’s imaginary tales, I’m busy relating words to visuals which is precisely what I need to do while I am writing. Therefor, I can read a bit, consider it somewhat of a warm up if you will, and then I can get right into working on my own stuff. There’s no need to find my groove because I’m already up and running, ready to weave a wonderful web of words that will hopefully become big and bold enough someday to catch a ton of readers! 

As it happens, I am currently out of new reading material (aside from the book I’m supposed to be editing, but that’s non-fiction plus it’s work, so it just doesn’t count). Still, this flapping around like a fish out of water cannot continue! Since I’m sort of hung up on holding an actual book in my hands I can’t exactly go and download anything either, but I may be pulling something I’ve already read (and read again) off of the shelf here shortly. I’ve got too much work to do, not to!

 ~ Karina


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