A Work In Progress…

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been working on…I’ve mentioned ‘Blood Bound’ a time or two and if you’ve wondered about what sort of story it might be, well, here’s your first little taste of it. Just remember, it’s a work in progress 😉

Blood Bound

By Karina Gioertz

Chapter 1

Tom McCarthy wasn’t a big man. His tall build was lean and slender, yet far from intimidating. These thoughts flashed through his mind as he heard the heavy door slam shut behind him. All of his instincts were screaming at him to spin back around, to call after the guard whose footsteps he could already hear fading as they moved further down the hall and away from his cell. Tom was prepared to beg, to plead for his life. To say whatever he needed to, if it only meant that he would be released from this place. He didn’t belong there. Why hadn’t anyone understood? He had explained it time and time again, first to the officers who had brought him in for questioning and then again after they had arrested him, he had spent hours discussing the situation with his attorney. A man who had claimed to believe in his innocence and who had made it all sound so simple. Tom’s lawyer had been so certain he would be released as long as Tom played along, and Tom had played along. He had done everything he had been told, and yet, here he was. He had had an eerie feeling that the judge at his hearing had made up his mind about Tom long before meeting him. Still, Tom had followed the plan laid for him by his attorney. He had been polite and respectful. Kept quiet even as the accusations were flying across the room. It hadn’t been until the very end, after the judge had rendered his ruling that Tom had jumped to his feet in an outcry over the injustice. Even as the police men were dragging him from the courtroom, Tom was calling out to the judge in a last effort to tell his side of the story. The true story, a version nobody seemed to be familiar with anymore.

It was too late now. Begging for help at this point would do more harm than good. As Tom fought the urge to try and force his way through the barrier that was now the door to his new residence, he remained frozen in place. Unable to move forward and yet, refusing to turn back. Thoughts and memories were flashing before his eyes a mile a minute and  he wasn’t sure how long he had been standing there with his blank stare when his surroundings finally crept in through the mirage of images that had flooded his vision. The lighting was bad as the sun had already set and the interior lighting had been dimmed, still he could tell that his cell was small. No more than six feet across and maybe 12 feet deep. There was a bed on each side of the room and a stainless steel toilet in the corner over to his left. On the walls above each of the beds, there were small book shelves and at the very end of the room, staring back at him, was an old radiator that appeared to have a small leak which was causing a small puddle of murky water to gather on the ground beneath it. The longer he examined the small space the less afraid he became. Maybe the sheer horror of it all had simply numbed him to his new found fate, or maybe it was the realization that there was a distinct possibility of survival here. In spite of everything, the necessities were there. If he could only manage to put one foot before the other, to take one day at a time, somehow, he could get through this and possibly return to his real life at the other end.

….To Be Continued 🙂



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