‘Blood Bound’

When I first have an idea for a book, the truth is that it’s not so much a book as it is a movie trailer that plays in my head over and over again. A movie that is fully cast with extremely talented actors, perfect settings and an outstanding soundtrack, all at the very affordable budget of ‘free’! Once I’ve watched the previews a few times, I sit down and I begin to write. I start with the dialogue and that sort of becomes the skeletal structure of the story. Of course, at this point I am no longer hearing my own voice, I’m hearing the voices of the people I have cast as the characters. It’s part of what makes it fun for me, but it also helps me to clearly see their expressions and mannerisms as I’m writing and to imagine the tone of their voices or the way they might deliver a certain line.

Now, in the case of my most recent novel, I started things a little backwards. Here’s how it all came about…My roommate and I are sort of obsessed with the library. Who wouldn’t be? Between the books, music and movies, it’s an endless supply of entertainment. Anyway, we found ourselves on somewhat of a movie watching spree at one point, resulting in the fact that several of the same actors kept reappearing on the screen before us. One night, after yet another movie, my roommate pointed out that some of them seemed to resemble one another, in spite of the fact that they were not related. Next thing we knew, we were putting together our own little fantasy family tree. We were so enthralled with our observation and this ridiculous little game we were playing that we decided that all these actors that looked alike needed to do a movie together. So, in my head, they did. And that is how ‘Blood Bound’ came to be.

Just for fun, I decided to keep all of the actors’ real first names in the story…you’ll have to read the book next month when it comes out to see if you can figure out who they are 🙂




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