In Control

You probably don’t know this about me (and how could you?!), but I am a total control freak. Back in my younger days when I was single and carefree it was manageable to the point where others weren’t all that effected by it, however, now that I am a mother – forget about it! Now I’m not only trying to maintain my own environment but my daughter’s as well…and I know that can mean that I come across as rather bossy and pushy at times, so, I apologize. I’m not likely to change anytime soon, but I am sorry.

I think it’s this very need for control that draws me to writing fiction. In life everything is up to the powers that be. We can plan as carefully as we like, in the end, we are not the ones in control. In control of ourselves, sure, but not of the world around us. In my writing, I get to have the final say on everything. Things may change, characters may not turn out the way I had initially thought, story lines may take a sudden turn, but I get to make those choices for myself.

Before you start to picture me as come crazed tyrant running about making everyone follow my rules, relax, I use my powers for good. Always. In fact, my favorite stories are the ones that I have plucked from my own life but then altered to make them not only more interesting, but also to give them the endings I might have preferred in real life. I am a firm believer in happily ever afters. Nothing bothers me more than committing time and emotions to following someones heartfelt story only to be left hanging, or worse yet, depressed due to a tragic ending. I get enough of that in real life,  I’m not looking for that particular element in my entertainment. I’m not opposed to drama, in fact, if you ask my mother she’d probably tell you I have a sort of sick fascination with it (I blame my childhood and an overactive imagination), but in my writing I will only take you down low if I intend to bring you back way up high after. Promise.



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