Well, I’m supposed to be working on ‘Blood Bound’ but since I’m already procrastinating by surfing the web and catching up on the latest gossip via facebook and yahoo, I might as well stop here and put a little something together for the blog…

I’ve been telling myself since the beginning of the week that I would have the first draft finished by the weekend. There’s absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t be possible…except for the fact that I’ve only sat down to write twice so far. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have any sort of writer’s block, it’s just that something about putting down these last words of the storyline is a little unnerving. I still haven’t worked out the end, but I know that will come when the time is right…and I know exactly what is supposed to come next, still I’m hesitant to write.

This particular story is a first for me. I’ve never written a story in which the lead characters were male. Nor have I ever focused primarily on action and suspense. I guess now that it’s all coming together I’m starting to wonder if it’s any good. Initially I was extremely excited about the concept. I was in love with it actually. Thought for certain that it would be one of my favorite pieces by the time I was done. And truthfully, I just flew right through it, implementing all the different details I had thought up from the start, making things twist and turn into place and connect at the right time. It was fun. So why this sudden lack of confidence?

Maybe it’s because for the first time since I’ve started writing, I am aware of the fact that I am writing for an audience. When I wrote Country Girls the audience was in theory. Something I hoped for, but not something that was promised. Then when I worked on Lucky In Love, the pressure began to creep in slowly…but really I had already written all of the important parts a long time ago and all that was left to do was format it properly and fill in the details that were missing. Now, everything has changed…and so have I. My writing has evolved. I’ve come a long way from where I began and maybe that’s the thing I need to remember right now. Yes, ‘Blood Bound’ is a risk, but I wouldn’t be here taking it if I weren’t ready. I’ve done the work. I’ve earned that confidence.

So, on that note…I’ve got some writing to do!



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