“Fried Gator Tail??”

So, you may be asking yourself…”Fried Gator Tail? Why?” Well, because this site is all about writing and writers and therefor I wanted a name that reflected that in some way while also being unique and unusual. I realize that when you think of writing, fried anything isn’t likely to be on the top of the list of things that come to mind, however, it is actually a small tribute to the first novel I ever wrote and published and because of this it has EVERYTHING to do with writers and writing…or at least this particular writer anyway 😉

It is my hope that while I continue my journey as an aspiring writer, others will join me. Perhaps together we can find a way to navigate this maze of self publishing, marketing and writing as a business while still being able to stay true to ourselves and the passion that lead us here in the first place.

~ Karina


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